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Apr 11
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"« Présent fait à l’homme d’esprit et amusement du sage. » LE MAGAZINE DE CREATION CONTEMPORAINE made in LES ARTISTES/ N#01 : AVRIL 2012 !"

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Sergio Albiac is in Médyn.

What is a truly realistic portrait? This question inspired a project about going beyond physical appearances and attempting to render the interior world of a human being, through memories, emotions, relationships and personal story. All of it organized around a portrait painting metaphor: brushes loaded with meanings instead of paint would render a portrait using my “generative video painting” techniques 

All video sources, by Randall Okita (randallokita.com)
Music: “I Am a Man Who Will Fight for Your Honor”, by Chris Zabriskie. 
Made with Processing, using GSVideo, generativedesign and controlP5 libraries.


Rédacteurs en chef : Kristophe Noël & Lou Camino

Nov 1
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